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The Project Evrensel

The Universal (Evrensel) Project, initiated by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Türkiye, aimed at providing mobile voice and broadband services to rural areas with populations up to 500, and reducing the digital divide. ULAK 4.5G Base stations installed under Phase-1 and Phase-2 of the Universal Project are monitored for alarms, 1st and 2nd level NOC services, corrective actions that can be taken through OSS, informing the Operator and/or Maintenance Contractor's operation center for interventions to be made in the field, parametric adjustments, performance monitoring and reporting, and integration of newly installed and/or additional ULAK 4.5G equipment due to capacity increase. The project also includes routine updates and bug fixing, and other related.

ULAK Services

Project Management Office

  • Turnkey Field Installation
  • Wide Subcontractor Network (Installation, Acceptance, SSV, EMR Measurement etc.)
  • Babysitting & Network Operation

Technical Project Management

  • Technical Project Management
  • RF Optimization & RF Planning and Design
  • Field Measurement & Quality & Testing

Network Operation

  • 7/24 Alarm & Performance Management & Troubleshooting (LVL1)
  • Integration & Configuration & Software Management & Troubleshooting (LVL2)
  • 7/24 Help Desk & Emergency Management (LVL2 & LVL3)
  • Customized Complementary Software Development

Field Support

  • Field Supervision
  • Technical Field Support & Alarm and Fault Management
  • Installation & Commissioning & Integration


  • Spare Parts Management
  • Material Repair and Maintenance Services

The Project Evrensel Coverage

  • 3 operator coverage with single equipment with RAN Sharing
  • Rural wide area coverage in 72 provinces

Evrensel Service Project-1: Number of Active ULAK Sites: 601

(RAN Sharing – 3 Operator)

Evrensel Service Project-2: Number of Active ULAK Sites: 287

(RAN Sharing – 3 Operator)

Evrensel Service Project-3: Number of Active ULAK Sites: 750

(RAN Sharing – 3 Operator)

TOTAL: 1638