Message of The Board
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Message of The Board

Message of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

ULAK Communications Inc. was established in 2017 as a subsidiary of Defense Industry Technologies Inc. (SSTEK) to realize the productization of R&D projects of the Defense Industry Presidency in the field of communication technologies. With a strong partnership structure having a share distribution of 24% SSTEK, 51% Aselsan, and 25% Havelsan, it has become an important part of the defense industry ecosystem.

Our 4.5G projects in communication technology intersect with the telecommunications and communication sectors while we have become a company where all operators work on LTE technologies in Türkiye by achieving the Universal Project in a short time, currently providing services at 1800 points in 71 cities. We also provide services to commercial operators, taking all of Türkiye under the ULAK coverage area, and offering quality and secure communication to our people.

In this era where information security is of great importance, the protection of data with national capabilities is among our priorities. We support our efforts on this issue with our products.

We are rapidly progressing towards becoming a fully independent position in communication technologies and becoming a leading brand in this field by taking advantage of national capabilities. We take steps not only for today's but also for future technologies, and we concretize these steps with our projects, products, and solutions.

General Manager's Message

We are working with a vision of becoming a global company that can provide communication, an essential and indispensable part of our era, sustainably and securely by taking advantage of national capabilities. We reach over 2.5 million citizens with 1800 ULAK 4.5G base stations in 71 cities in Türkiye. We provide services to Türkiye's three major operators with 801 of them. In addition, we operate in many areas with our national communication products by equipping our country with secure communication infrastructures.

We offer solutions tailored to the needs of our country by producing national solutions and working on projects that will provide our technological independence, such as public safety and emergency communication systems. With our uMAYA product family, which we have launched and implemented in this field, we strive to minimize security vulnerabilities that may arise depending on internal and external network connections.

Gaining technological independence for a country is as important as its physical independence. Within the scope of our studies based on this perspective, we are expanding our ecosystem and producing high-value technological products for our country.

Our aim is not only to be the communication power of Türkiye but also to be one of the leading companies in the telecommunications sector worldwide. Our primary goal is to ensure that Türkiye becomes a country that produces 5G technology, not just a consumer. We aim to create an innovative and dynamic ecosystem that shapes this technology on a global scale.In the coming period, as one of the industry's leading companies, we will continue our activities with the belief that we will exist with the successes we have achieved and the awards that have crowned those successes by taking our efforts to the international level.

As for the subject of our country's technological independence, we know that "we can do it if we want!"