Quality Management
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Quality Management

Our Quality Policy

ULAK Communications has adopted continuous development, managing with targets and following the results with measurable and comparable data for a sustainable quality management system. It has accepted human being as the most valuable and indispensable asset in all its activities. It is committed to increasing customer satisfaction by continuously improving conformity of quality management system and meeting applicable requirements for its products/services.

In the light of these principles it has acquired;

  • In order to provide the best service to its customers, it is customer-oriented in its works, adopts honesty and transparency in customer communication, understands customer expectations, implements them as soon as possible and remains loyal to the principle of confidentiality of customer information,
  • Uses all its resources to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • Provides and executes applicable conditions by constantly monitoring effectiveness of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and making necessary improvements,
  • Not only during the sale of products and services, but also as a strategic partner, it maintains its relations with its suppliers in close cooperation. It grows and develops together with its suppliers,
  • Improves and ensures continuity of personnel satisfaction, motivation and sense of belonging, determines the authorities of duties and responsibilities, and ensures personnel development with trainings,
  • Performs risk analysis for all processes and reduces threats to an acceptable level,
  • Complies with legislation and other requirements to which it is subject while performing its activities and resolves detected nonconformities as soon as possible,
  • Researches and applies new technologies in order to improve efficiency of energy resources it uses when producing its products in the most efficient way and makes it sustainable,
  • Fully complies with the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Türkiye,
  • Keeps this policy updated once a year,
  • Reviews all the activities in the existing management systems and is committed to continuous improvement.

Information Security Policy

The vast majority of information and business processes that are produced, stored, transmitted, etc., by ULAK Communication Inc., whose mission is to develop end-to-end domestic network technologies, to ensure sustainability of existing 4.5G technologies developed with domestic and national resources; to produce innovative, dynamic and original solutions based on R&D at world standards for 5G and beyond, in line with the requirements of developing technology and applications, to produce patents and IPRs by carrying out studies with high added value on broadband communication technologies, to contribute to the development of communication technologies together with its ecosystem in the country and friendly countries, to transform technologies it has developed intensively from data center to network infrastructure applications, depend on the information and communication systems in which this information is processed.

General purpose of information security is to increase information security awareness of all parties within framework of relevant laws and contracts, and to ensure confidentiality and integrity of sensitive organization information and the accessibility of information and communication systems that contain or that are used in the processing of such information at an appropriate level. This level is determined by information security risk management, which provides an appropriate balance between risks and measures for organization's information assets and services, taking into account current information security threats.

Management Commitment

It undertakes to allocate the resources necessary to ensure information security efficiently by managing the current and potential risks within the framework of international standards, laws and regulations, to evaluate its effectiveness, to continuously improve it and to ensure that it is understood by all relevant parties.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

It is aimed to create a healthy and safe working environment within an Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on continuous improvement by complying with national and international legal regulations. In this context:

  • We see the human as the most important value,
  • We act in accordance with legal regulations and other conditions related to OHS of the country where we operate,
  • We regularly review environmental impacts and OHS risks at every stage of the activities and determine and implement purposes, targets and preventive activities in this direction,
  • We accept creating a healthy and safe working environment as a basic principle,
  • We develop methods, targets and management programs to create a sustainable OHS management system and continuously improve its performance,
  • We identify, review and evaluate OHS risks and implement the measures to reduce such risks in order to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases,
  • We carry out studies to create a safe working and living culture and to raise awareness in our employees and suppliers,

In light of all these principles, we aim to increase the values that contribute to our employees and the society, to eliminate the conditions that harm environment and to provide working conditions necessary for occupational health and safety.

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