Our HR Policy
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Our HR Policy

ULAK Communication puts people at the center as an important value. It aims to create participatory and learning organizations that can adapt to changing world conditions and business systems in line with the strategic plan and goals of the organization. In line with the company's strategies, it takes steps to select qualified manpower by considering not only the needs of today but also the future.

In line with our Human Resources Policy; a value-oriented management structure that supports the use of initiative, rewards performance and ensures employee satisfaction has been established. Our goal is to raise future leaders from within its own body, to create an organizational structure that respects its employees, that is open to communication and is transparent.   

The company implements a fair and competitive remuneration system in the sector. In addition, opportunities are provided for employees to reveal their creativity by supporting their personal and professional development.

In order to increase employee satisfaction; innovative practices that support internal communication and motivation are maintained by providing many social, cultural and sportive event environments.