Core Network
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Core Network

Core Network is a central channel in telecommunications designed to transfer network traffic at high speeds. Core networks focus on optimizing the performance and reliability of long-distance and large-scale data communications. It fully connects wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN). Expressing highly functional communication possibilities, the Core Network provides ways to exchange information between various subnets. The Core Network is the core part of a telecommunications network that provides a multitude of services to customers interconnected by the access network.

Multimedia Multicast Service Support for public security and emergency communication infrastructures of the 5G Core Network enriched with Mission Critical Applications is used in many different areas such as special mission-critical services such as push-to-talk, group meetings, critical energy infrastructures and national data centers.

Our project carried out within scope of 5G Core Network enables efficient unidirectional multimedia distribution of broadcast and multicast services both within the cell and within the Core Network thanks to its eMBMS feature.

Network Slicing function allows independent operations over the shared physical infrastructure. It provides flexibility by running multiple logical networks and designing network systems according to their requirements. It allows use of resources (bandwidth, processing power, storage, frequency range, time, etc.) as needed, thus creating a structure specific to more than one user or application. Therefore, it aims to use resources more efficiently.

The nationalization of core network technologies of fifth generation communication systems, which will strengthen national security mechanisms, compete in the international market, and keep data flow and security under control, has been determined as a national goal. In this direction, broadband communication infrastructure solutions that support multicast/broadcast data communication and mission-critical services have been developed for the purpose of making available to users via the LTE Public Safety and Emergency Communication Infrastructure. In this context, 5G Core Network consisting of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Network Slicing capacity, IMS, Mission Critical Services, 4G Core Network and Public Security Emergency Communication Network (KGADHS) solutions has been developed to meet Public Security needs.