Smart Transport Systems
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Smart Transport Systems


ULAK Communication uses its 4.5G and 5G communication capabilities to develop Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication systems for safe and autonomous driving within the framework of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ULAK Communication is developing On-Board Units (OBU), Smart Roadside Units (smart-RSU), and Mobile Edge Computing Systems (MEC) as part of its V2X efforts.

ULAK Communications continues its work to make the internationally defined scenarios ready for use in the field by using the vehicle communication units it has developed based on 5G technologies with many universities, stakeholders, and customers. ULAK Communication aims to be among the firsts in our country and the world with its vehicle communication infrastructure and products.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Edge Access and Transportation Systems

ULAK Communication integrates its low latency and high data properties gained with its developed 4.5G and 5G technology with machine learning and deep learning technologies to make transportation systems smarter.

Continuous and consistent data collection from surrounding vehicles, roadside units, traffic signs and signals, central traffic management systems, cameras, and sensors by vehicles is critical for situational awareness. Comprehensive analysis made with the information obtained from cameras and various sensors enables the identification of elements that may pose a danger to vehicles. However, when considering the limited processing power in vehicles, the high volume of data, calculations, analyses, and detections cannot be handled locally. On the other hand, sending all this data to centralized points for processing creates problems such as data transmission network limitations and processor capacity overflow.

ULAK mobile edge computing systems (MEC) compatible with ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) that support 4.5G and 5G technologies offer capabilities such as reducing traffic load, smarter traffic management, increasing driver-pedestrian safety, supporting safe driving, and eliminating cybersecurity threats in V2X networks and intelligent transportation systems.